Specimen Times: An Individual Essay. By Robert Massa

Specimen Times: An Individual Essay. By Robert Massa

Plus: ‘A Diary of coping with AIDS’ and ‘Remembering Robert — Seven Writers Commemorate a Colleague and Friend’

Specimen times: Scenes Through the Epidemic February 22, 1994

We DON’T UNDERSTAND where you should get as the doctor’s is left by me workplace. The shops and folks appear two-dimensional. Sounds are muffled. We keep thinking: look closely at that which you feel. But all personally i think may be the wind.

I recall the museum is near by. The hefty woodwork, the leaded windows, the cavernous spaces remind me of primary college. I go within the main staircase, after the course where in fact the rock was worn out by footsteps.

I’m impressed as constantly by the dinosaur bones. They’ve been presented for action — about to fight, going to feed.

A trip guide breaks my ideas. She informs band of schoolchildren to disregard the signs into the cup situations; normal history is advancing therefore quickly, she describes that the curator can’t keep up, plus some associated with the info is away from date.

I’m disappointed to consider our technology will some­day appear quaint and that I’ll can’t say for sure exactly just just what really occurred into the dinosaurs. 继续阅读“Specimen Times: An Individual Essay. By Robert Massa”